DL-4400 Revolver Saw

DL-4400 Revolver Saw

*shown with custom 18 ft chassis

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CSI Model DL-4400 Revolver Saw

The CSI Model DL-4400-R Revolver features a saw box that rotates to accomodate a left or right handed load operation. This allows the operator to orient the saw box in either position quicker and easier. The DL-4400-R also features a redesigned chassis construction to help keep the stems flat for smooth, clean cuts on uneven ground. As with our other saws, the Revolver is built from hi-alloy tubing and hi-alloy steel plate by skilled workers to ensure a product that will give many years of quality service.

Product Details:

  • Length … 13'-10" (166")
  • Width … 8'-2" (98")
  • Weight … 5,100 lbs.
  • Height … 7'-4" (88")
    Standard Equipment:
  • 59" saw bar
  • Automatic chain oiler with four gallon tank capacity
    Saw Buck Options:
  • Straight
  • V-buck
  • Both options may also be stair-stepped.

    Chassis Options:
  • Standard 12' Chassis
  • Extended
    • Folding
    • Stacking
  • Custom
    Additional Options:
  • Wheels and Tongue
  • Hydraulic Butt Board
    Other notes:
  • Hydraulics require
    50 to 75 GPM @ 2000 to 2500 PSI
    PSI ratings are minimum and maximum