Slasher Saws

DL-4400 Slasher Saw


The DL-4400 has what CSI calls a dog leg (DL) style saw box which gives the loader operator a better view.

DL-4400 Revolver Saw NEW!

DL-4400 Revolver

The DL-4400-R is our latest chain and bar slasher design featuring a revolving saw box that accommodates left and right handed load operations.

DL-4200 Lo-Pro Slasher Saw

DL-4200 Lo-Pro

The DL-4200 has a low-profile sawbox for better visibility and a belt drive for smooth and fast cut cycles.

MS-3100 Swing Arm Saw


The MS-3100 is permanently mounted to the loader trailer deck, so there are no messy hoses to couple when moving to different landings. This makes it quick and easy to setup and transport!

R-60 Circle Saw

R-60 Circle Saw

The 60 inch circular slasher saw shown in mobile configuration with wheels, tongue and hydraulic flip-up butt-board.