115 Platypus
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The Platypus is a mobile/modular house mover:

The Platypus lifts and moves manufactured housing units with ease. Mating the halves of a modular or doublewide home is achieved without jacking or rolling. As a result, productivity is higher and the job site is safer. The Platypus's radio remote control removes the operator from a hazardous position and allows an unobstructed view of the work zone. By reducing hazards and man-hours per set, the Platypus offers a quick return on investment by lowering major cost factors!

Move it, Steer it, and Lift it into place – Quickly, Safely, and Precisely!

The Platypus is equipped with heavy-duty excavator-type tracks (street pads) for a dependable long service life, expertly designed to make lifting and moving mobile and modular housing units quick, easy and safe! The Platypus's hydraulic system, powered by a Kohler engine of your choice, provides the power and flexibility to accurately position the housing unit, even on the most demanding of work sites.

Product Details:

  • Length … 20'-0" (240") (Transport Mode)
  • Length … 18'-0" (216") (Work Mode)
  • Width … 4'-8" (56")
  • Weight … 7,440 lbs. (Gross)
  • Height … 2'-8" (32") (Extended)
  • Height … 1'-4" (16") (Lowered)
  • Lifting Capacity … 50,000 lbs.
    Standard Features:
  • Radio remote control
  • 2-speed torque hubs
  • Transport axle
  • Hinged engine pan
  • Framing spade / Lifting-body extension (extends to 14'-9")
    Gas Engine Options:
  • Kohler 35 HP (carburator)
  • Kohler 38 HP EFI
    Optional Features:
  • Extended lifting-body extension (extends to 16'-1")

Additional Photos:

Platypus Platypus Platypus
Platypus Platypus Platypus