PTD-264 NTS Delimber

PTD-264 NTS Delimber
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CSI Model PTD-264-NTS

Our PTD-264-NTS is designed with the same rugged features and quality as our PTD-264, without the integrated topping saw for operators who do not require that option.

Product Details:

To help you determine your preferred equipment layout on a job site, see this equipment configuration aid.

  • Dimensions:
  • Length … 7'-7" (91")
  • Width … 6'-10" (82")
  • Weight … 7,000 lbs. (approx)
  • Height … 7'-5" (89")
  • Standard Equipment:
  • Heavy-wall High Strength Structural Frame Tubing
  • High Alloy Steel Body Plate
  • Four High Alloy Wear Hardening Steel Knives